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I'm Alexandra Thornton

Life & Career Coach &
Champion for Humanity

Everyday I feel happy, motivated, creative, passionate, playful, inspired, connected, loved, free and fulfilled! 

I feel thoroughly spoiled and incredibly grateful for this deep joy...

but it wasn't always this way. 

For a long time in my life, I was deeply unhappy. 

I felt stressed, worthless, broken, unimportant, trapped, alone and I didn't like the woman I had become. 

I was overweight, unmotivated and had no energy. 

At work, I felt like I was doing the bare minimum to get through to 5pm, and as soon as I got home, I would open a bottle of wine!  

My relationships were no better. In fact they were forced. I was always trying to be the girl they wanted me to be (why would they love the real me?), but obviously that was all a charade. We would either break up or I would push them away thinking someone else might finally make me happy. I ended up divorced at 33 and completely miserable because all my friends seemed to be happily married and having babies and I was alone, again! 

Things got so bad, I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and a stress-related autoimmune disease. 

I felt like I had no control of my life. 

I used to ask myself...

What is wrong with me?

Why do I feel like this? Why can't I be happy like my friends? What am I doing wrong? Why am I not good enough? 

These fears went so deep; I ended up completely breaking down. they say...when you hit rock bottom, there is only one way to go and that's UP!

My Doctor suggested therapy and after some resistance, I gave in. 

Best decision of my life!

I will forever be grateful to my therapist; he was a genius of a man and I could rave about him for pages and pages!

He is with the Angels now and I miss him greatly, but to cut a long(ish) story short, he helped me root out deep traumas, release suppressed emotions and finally, I allowed myself to FEEL. 

He started me off on my exquisitely beautiful journey of transformation and I will never forget him or his guidance. 

It turned out that for years, I had buried my emotions to try and "Be Happy". 

I had been told by the media, my teachers, my friends, my family (and myself!) that this was The Goal!

Everyone had my best interests at heart I know and there is no blame laid here, but I learned this lesson so well, that I had somehow put my own feelings, needs and desires to one side to be who I thought I should be. I completely ran with these beliefs and they spilled over into my career, my relationships and throughout my whole life. 

I buried my needs, dreams and passions so much that I no longer knew what I felt, what I wanted or who I really was! 

I was so completely out of whack with me and what made me, ME - that I felt out of control and lost (and all the other emotions I named above!). 

I cry for that little girl (and woman!) now.    

So what changed? 

After my therapy, I dabbled with self-help for years. In truth, I didn't really move on from the open doorway that my therapist had showed me.

Old habits die hard, right?

But one day, I literally started doing everything I had always wanted to do but had put off; mindfulness, meditating, yoga, reading, thinking, connecting. 

And I got a Coach. 

I connected with my inner child and we let go of tonnes of pain; I unearthed all the negative inner beliefs that were holding me back and flipped them to provide support, compassion and confidence; I figured out my Purpose in this life; I started listening to my intuition; and finally I found my Voice.

I put all this into motion when I handed in my notice at work and set up my own Business.  

I became the Managing Director of My Life!

And I've never looked back. 

I am now speaking up for myself, enjoying massive success, loving myself and I finally value Me for Me! 

I am also a Woman infatuated with helping women every day from a place of love and spiritual peace. 

I am a Woman fighting for Women; for their Divine Right to Transform, Be Valued, be 100% Themselves, have the Career they deserve and Be Free.  

And I am a Coach who can help you do exactly what I did.

If you're feeling anything like I was - please, don't tell yourself that is all your life can be!

Please don't feel trapped anymore!

Please don't feel sad, lost and out of control anymore!

Because you deserve to be Happy - but Happy Your Way!

You deserve to be Valued, Free, Motivated, In Love, Energised, Fulfilled and More!

You deserve it All.

I can help. I have done it myself. I've broken free.

And I'll let you into a secret - it's not all tears and heartache. It is sometimes true Divine Enlightenment and you deserve that too. 

Come join me.

Because we've got some life changing to do. 



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